Low Parle Product Sales May Result in 10000 Employees Lay Off


Low sale output of India’s largest selling biscuit brand Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. might trigger the company to remove 10000 of its workers said by a company executive on Wednesday.

After the sale of Parle products lowered in rural areas, India’s largest brand might have to reduce its production which might prompt to slash 10000 of its employees.

Parle’s category head, Mayank Shah said, “The situation is so bad, that if the government doesn’t intervene immediately… we may be forced to eliminate these positions.”

Parle company has its headquarters in Mumbai and was founded in 1929. Around 1 lakh regular and contractual workers have been employed in 10 company facilities and 125 manufacturing plants.

Shah added, price of Parle product sales have been hurt after the induction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2017. He said, consumers are picky about the prices and that has hurt the sale of Parle biscuits.



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