NGT Penalises Rs. 500 cr against Volkswagen of Using Cheat Devices in Diesel Engines


The National Green Tribunal (NGT) which handles cases pertaining to environmental issues has slapped a fine of Rs. 500 crores against German automobile company Volkswagen on Thursday “for intentionally programming its diesel engines with cheat devices”.

In 2015, the German automobile company was found responsible for programming its diesel engines with cheat devices to check pollution emission. But it went 40 notches more Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emission limit than the prescribed US standards.

In November 2018, an NGT panel was formed to assess the emission scandal or ‘Dieselgate’ and a report was filed in December 2018 which showed around 48.678 tonnes of NOx emission in 2016 by Volkswagen in real conditions.

The NGT expert panel said, “longer exposures to elevated concentrations of NO2 may contribute to the development of asthma and potentially increase susceptibility to respiratory infections.”

Earlier in January this year, a four member NGT panel had penalised Volkswagen of Rs. 171.34 crore for causing hazard to health standards in India.

As per reports, around 3.27 lakh Volkswagen cars had been installed with maligned software in their diesel vehicles.

For cheating the US pollution norms, the German automobile company has inclined to pay $2.8 billion to an environmental organisation in the United States and Canada.




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