Pilot Seats to Remain Vacant as Jet Airways Pilots to Remain on Strike from April 1 over Non-payment of Salaries


The cash-strapped, debt-ridden Jet Airways, which is unable to recover funds from the banks is due to face a new problem from April 1, where over 1000 pilots of the private carrier have decided to go on strike.

The National Aviators Guild (NAG) which represents around 1100 pilots of the Jet Airways had earlier complained on non-payment of salaries and going on strike. The NAG body had given time till March 31 for payment of the due salaries.

Earlier, some days before an SBI-led group of banks together had decided to infuse 1500 crores of rupees to the cash-lagged private carrier.

The NAG President Karan Chopra had said, “A part of the expected interim funding from SBI was supposed to be auctioned on March 29. Unfortunately, the fund transfer has not taken place and there is also no update on salary payment from the management. The collective decision of pilots taken at Mumbai and Delhi open house effective from April 1 prevails.”

The Jet Airways senior managers and engineers have not been paid since the last four months.

While, a Jet Airways spokesperson has said, every measure is being taken up “to inject liquidity into the company” and “to restore normalcy in the airlines operation we need the support of each and every member of its family.”

The airlines spokesperson expressed gratitude on unconditional support received from its pilots, AMEs and senior management members.

As per reports, around 200 pilots individually have given a written consent to the airlines CEO Vinay Dube to go on “leave of absence” on March 29.



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