Sugar prices remain up on rising demand

Sugar prices continued to rise at the wholesale market in the national capital today largely on the back of strong demand from stockists and bulk consumers and recorded a rise up to Rs 20 per quintal.

Marketmen attributed persistent rise in sweetner prices to pick up in demand from bulk consumers and stockists against tight suplies from millers due to ongoing “Kanwar Yatra”.

In the millgate section, sugar Mawana and Dorala rose by Rs 20 each to Rs 2,620 and Rs 2,610, while Asmoli, Dhampur, Anupshaher and Morna gained Rs 10 each to Rs 2,640, Rs 2,560, Rs 2,520 and Rs 2,530 per quintal respectively. Sugar prices remain up on rising demand

Following are today’s quotations (in Rs per quintal)

Sugar retail markets – Rs 27.00-32.00 per kg.

Sugar ready: M-30 Rs 2,700-2,900 S-30 Rs 2,690-2,890.

Mill delivery: M-30 Rs 2,510-2,670 S-30 Rs 2,500-2,660.

Sugar millgate (including duty): Mawana Rs 2,620, Kinnoni Rs 2,670, Asmoli Rs 2,640, Dorala Rs 2,610, Budhana Rs 2,580, Thanabhavan Rs 2,570, Dhanora Rs 2,560, Simbholi Rs 2,650, Khatuli Rs 2,650, Dhampur 2,560, Ramala Rs 2,520, Bulandshaher Rs 2,530, Anupshaher Rs 2,520, Baghpat Rs 2,530, Morna Rs 2,530, Sakoti Rs 2,540, Chandpur Rs 2,530, Nazibabad Rs 2,510 and Malakpur 2,570.