There is a huge difference between ‘Mr. X’ and ‘Mr.India’: Emraan Hashmi


Actor Emraan Hashmi has firmly rejected suggestions of a similarity between his upcoming flick Mr. X and yesteryears Bollywood blockbuster Mr. India.

Hashmi said, “No there is no connection between Mr. X andMr. India as the connection and the similarities start and end with the man going invisible, and as far as I can recollect, Mr. India gets a watch in which he presses a button and goes invisible. But, in our film, he is a man battling a sickness, he almost dies and there is a malfunction in his cells, which cannot reflect light and then he harnesses powers to become a super hero”.

The 36-year-old actor further revealed another difference, in Mr. India, Anil Kapoor could be seen in red light, but Mr. X could be seen in blue neon light and sunlight. Apart from invisibility factor, the entire film was completely different, he added. Hashmi said the screenplay and the journey of the invisible man was different.

Directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Mahesh Bhatt, the movie will hit the screens on April 17,2015.