Air pollution and health risks due to vehicle traffic

According to a new study Particulate matter and nitric dioxide (NO2) air pollution are associated with increased risk of severe heart diseases. 

According to study the effect of short-term exposure to air pollution creates a fatal type of heart attack due to the  prolonged blockage of blood supply in the heart.Air pollution and health risks due to vehicle traffic

Cardiologist of University Hospital Brussels in Belgium Jean-Francois Argacha and his team used a statistical model to test analyze the real-time exposure to air pollution in each part of Belgium with adjustments for population density. The researchers surveyed about the hospitalization records for STEMI in Belgium between 2009 and 2013.

Finally the result come that 10 micrograms per cubic metre increases in ambient PM2.5 concentrations were bracket with a 2.8 percent increase in STEMI, while 10 micrograms per cubic metre rises in NO2 were linked with a 5.1 percent expanded venture. Mostly these associations were only observed in men.

The detection was present this week at European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2015 in London.