An app twice a day keeps the dentist away

According to the British Dental Health Foundation’s study report more than 35% of women regularly leap brushing their teeth at bedtime. But now a recent survey proves that a new app call Brush DJ has “huge” possible to kit the problem. The app romps muAn app twice a day keeps the dentist awaysic for two minutes for brushing teeth taken from a playlist from the users mobile phone .

The  benefits of this app is that it   reminds users to spit out after brushing but not to rinse, and sets prompts to brush twice a day.

According to Ben Underwood the dentist, app developer of  Honorary University “Brush DJ manifest the positive effect across four main themes –
motivation, education, compliance and perceived benefits”.

“The results of our study show this  Brush DJ app is very  beneficial to users and also it unlock the path  for further research about  dental health” said by Underwood.
This app carries special benefits for kids, said by Elizabeth Kay who is the Dean of Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

The research was published in the British Dental Journal.