Beauty Benefits of Pomegranates


1. Pomegranate seed oil provides protection from of the sun

Pomegranate seed oil can help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of sunlight. The antioxidants in the fruit protect your skin from damage from free radicals and pomegranate seed oil contains large amounts of ellagic acid, an antioxidant that has been shown to inhibit the growth of skin tumors.

2. Pomegranate provides a great source of vitamin C

Eating one pomegranate a day (approximately a 100 grams one) will provide you with 17% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential component that your body needs for a healthy immune system, and will help you to fight off coughs and colds in the winter.

3. Pomegranate juice protects you from the signs of aging

One of the important health benefits of pomegranate juice is that it can help strengthen your skin and delay/reduce the appearance of lines and Beauty Benefits of Pomegranateswrinkles. The fruit can help prolong the life of the cells in your body that produce collagen and elastin, the two wonderful substances that keep your skin looking youthful.

4. Pomegranate seed oil can be used to rejuvenate dry skin

The oil made from pomegranate seeds makes a great dry skin treatment, it penetrates easily into your skin, has anti-inflamatory and soothing properties, and thanks to the antioxidant protection, the punicic acid (which is called also trichosanic acid) and omega-5 fatty acids will quickly rejuvenate, soothe, moisturize and breath a new life to dry and cracked skin.

5. Pomegranate juice destroys cancerous cells

In tests, pomegranate juice was found to be effective in helping to treat some forms of cancer. The natural ingredients in the pomegranate juice and extract and also in some of their bioactive components, can destroy cancerous cells, particularly in cases of prostate cancer.

6. Pomegranate juice can help to control diabetes

Even though the fruit contains plenty of natural sugar, it is also a great source of dietary fiber, which can be a help in controlling the blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes.