Coming Soon “Super Condom” to enhance your sexual pleasure!

A new hydrogel-based condom that contains antioxidants has been invented by a team of Indian-American scientists at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. And not only does it contain plant-based antioxidants, which kill the HIV-virus in case of condom breakage but it also uses antioxidants to enhance pleasure. Experts say it is the new big player to join the fight against AIDS.

How is it possible? The so-called newly developed ‘Super Condom’ comes packed with antioxidants that, in case the condom breaks or slips off, kills the lethal virus. The condom is made of an elastic polymer called hydrogel, and includes plant-based antioxidants that have anti-HIV properties.

Dr Mahua Choudhury has made the condom from an elastic polymer called hydrogeaids-day_650x400_41448894393l; the condom is mixed with a plant-based antioxidant ingredient that has anti-HIV properties, as reported by Digital Trends. What makes the condom special is its ability to kill the deadly virus even if it breaks.

Choudhury who is an assistant professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center’s Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, said, “We are not only making a novel material for condoms to prevent the HIV infection, but we are also aiming to eradicate this infection if possible”. Choudhery and her team hope to start the testing process in the next six months or so.

She added: “Supercondom could help fight against HIV infection and may as well prevent unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases and If we succeed, it will revolutionize the HIV prevention initiative”.

Hydrogel is already being utilized in wound dressings, soft contact lenses, diapers and other drug delivery mechanisms.

In order for it to save lives, the condom needs to be “really affordable, and really appealing”, the researcher added.

The condom material already exists as a water-based hydrogel for medical purposes such as contact lenses, researchers said. If the condom breaks, quercetin is released, which in turn provides an additional protection.

Not only that, the condom can even prevent the spread of HIV and enhances sexual pleasure.

Researchers are now waiting for an approval on its patent application, and the same is keeping the product to be unveiled in the market.