New Obesity Treatment to check the two sides of appetite


New Obesity Treatment to check the two sides of appetiteAccording to a new study, researchers are experimenting on a new treatment for potential obesity that targets the two sides of appetite i.e. hunger and feeling full.

American Chemical Society’ scientists have designed a hormone-like compound to suppress hunger and boost satiety, or a full feeling, at the same time.

According to the study, Constance Chollet and colleagues targeted two main receptors in the body that help keep appetite in check.

When hormones bind to ghrelin receptors, people feel hungry, but when others bind to Y2 receptors, they feel full.

Researchers are exploring compounds targeting the ghrelin receptor to treat obesity but because appetite is the result of multiple hormones acting in concert, Chollet’s team wanted to design a compound to better address this complexity.

The researchers designed a peptide that binds both the ghrelin and Y2 receptors. The study is published in ACS’ Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.