Purchasing Cancer: Paradip Police Seizes Dry Fish Containing Toxic Preservatives


Paradip: The Paradip police today seized nearly one quintal of ‘toxic’ dry fish during raids conducted on a dry fish manufacturing unit located on the outskirts of the Port township. The seizure indicated that dangerous chemicals with high toxic contents are still in use by dry fish making units in Paradip,

The police seized dry fish stashed inside 12 plastic containers though the traders evaded arrest. The toxic preservative chemicals are used by the manufacturers to keep the dry fish fresh for a considerable period of time. The use of chemical preservatives for dry fish making has been banned by state marine fisheries department as they pose health hazards including causing cancer in human body.

Notably, the state marine fisheries department had earlier shutdown several  authorized units which were using preservatives and had failed to meet with standard hygiene specifications. Instead of using salt as a natural preservative, the produce is found to be chemically processed.

Incidentally, Paradip is one of the major dry fish production centres in the state, the other being Huma-Sunakhala in Ganjam district. Paradip alone  accounts for 3,500-4,000 tons of average annual yield of dry fish.




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