77 Indian Climbers Journey to Scale Mount Everest Peak


An entourage of 41-team membered Indian and foreign climbers has stepped on a 3-month journey on Tuesday to scale the world’s highest peak – The Mount Everest.

Among the 41 groups, 77 Indian climbers have got the permit to scale the Mount Everest peak. A total of 378 climbers have got the permit for this arduous journey.

Everest climber and famous liaison officer Gyanendra Shrestha from the Everest camp said, “This spring’s first ascent on Everest is likely to take place on Tuesday. The rope fixing team of Sherpas have already made their way to the summit and is planning to continue their work above so as to reach the summit tomorrow afternoon.”

Meanwhile, the number of teams has gone up from 38 to 41 compared to last year stats.



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