A Walk To Remember: Artist Paints His Sojourns In Forest


New Delhi(PTI): Inspiration can strike anytime. For city-based artist Vimal Chand, it was the time spent walking through south Delhi’s Jahanpanah City Forest as a boy which left an indelible mark on his intrinsic artistic soul.

The intimacy he developed with nature during his childhood days has found its way into his latest collection of artworks that is now on display at an exhibition — “Green Ambience” at the Visual Arts Gallery here.

Executed in masterful brush strokes, Chand’s visibly impressionistic works which capture all natural elements, invite viewers to relive his sojourns in the forest.

In acrylic on canvas, the artist brings to life scenes from the forest using a multitude of soft colours against strong and warm tones.

With the skillful application of impasto technique, the artist’s landscapes allow one to stroll through the wilderness and feel the rough thorny-textured surface of the trees.

“I want my paintings to make the onlookers feel as if they are literally standing in the woods, surrounded by the colours of nature. This is what all artists want — for the people to experience what they do,” Chand said.

Some of his paintings investigate the shifting facets of light and shadows that hint at his sfumato expertise.

His perception of soft colours establish him as a pastelist too.

“All artists inspire me. I welcome any technique that helps to express the curative power of nature. Nature inspires me. And I want my paintings to encourage people to commune with nature,” Vimal said.

The exhibition, inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia here yesterday, will continue till December 30.


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