Aero India Show Practice in Bengaluru Collides Two Hawk Aircrafts in Mid Air; Kills 1 Pilot


The Surya Kiran acrobatic team practising for Aero India Show event on February 20 in Bengaluru underwent a mid-air mishap when two BAE Hawk MK 132 aircrafts collided with another on Tuesday.

The two hawk aircrafts crashed near the Yelankha air base. Huge smoke and fire from the debris were seen all around the crash site.

The DGP Fire Services MN Reddy said, “One pilot has succumbed to injuries in Surya Kiran jet crash, while two others are safe.” One civilian has also been reported injured.

The incident happened around 11.50 AM and 3 pilots were present in the two Hawk aircrafts. A video showed two pilots ejected out after the mid air collision but sustained multiple fractures and were transferred to the Command Hospital.

Whereas, the third pilot picture was not clear and he suffered fatal injuries which caused him death.

The IAF said, “A Court of Inquiry will investigate the cause of accident.”

The rescue teams have rushed to spot and the police have cordoned off the area.

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman already present in Bengaluru for the Air India Show was aware of the incident and she had rushed to the crashed site.

The 12th edition of Aero India Show is set for a 4 day schedule starting from February 20.



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