Assam Bureaucrat Trains His Lens On Nature, Wildlife


Guwahati(PTI): The close-up of a wild buffalo staring at the camera, a fleecy sky overlooking a fenced path and the curious gaze of a child were some of the images put on display at an exhibition by Sanjib Gohain Boruah, a bureaucrat by profession and a photographer by passion.

Currently serving as the secretary to the Assam Governor, Gohain Boruah’s quest to capture nature and life often takes him places.

‘Frames: Myriad Images’, his first solo exhibition in the city, presented some of the exhilarating images that he had taken in India and abroad over the past few years.

“Photography to me is not merely about documenting or recording events, but an affirmation of beauty — stark, real or subtle. I seek to tell a story through my photographs. I usually don’t like to give captions to my images, but even when I do, I expect the viewers to go beyond the captioned frames and weave their own stories,” he said.

Altogether 55 images of wildlife, quaint places and different moods of people were put on display in the four-day exhibition.

The senior IAS officer was introduced to the magical world of photography during his school days by his maternal uncle. He became serious about it during his stint as the Deputy Commissioner of Assam’s Golaghat district, where the famed Kaziranga National Park is located.

The unique topography of various places, which he visited during his personal and professional trips, is also a part of the 57-year old bureaucrat’s photography subjects.

“Colour, in particular, is a very important factor for me. The constant changes that take place in the nature every moment is very fascinating. I try to capture that,” said Gohain Boruah who does not like editing his photos.


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