Burey Din: 30 Percent Rise In Suicides Among Police Personnel In BJP Ruled Madhya Pradesh In 3 Years


Bhopal(PTI): The Madhya Pradesh government today informed that 30 per cent rise was registered in suicide among the police personnel in the state between 2013 and 2016.

The government also said that the number of deaths due to heart attack among the police staff also went up by 81 per cent during this period.

“The data between January 1, 2013 and the end of 2016 has revealed that the rate of suicides among the police personnel has gone up by 30 per cent,” state Home Minister Bhupendra Singh informed in a written reply to a question asked by BJP MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodiya.

However, the reply did not reveal how many policemen committed suicide during that period.

“The rate of heart attack among the police personnel has gone up by 81 per cent in the given period,” the reply stated.

Bhupendra Singh also informed that 29 police personnel killed themselves in the state so far since January 2016, while 109 policemen died due to cardiac arrest during that period.

The minister admitted that the problem of depression among the police personnel is rising due to the increased workload. The staff crunch among police has added to the workload. Since 2010, the state government has recruited 45,535 police personnel.

Camps are being organised for regular monitoring of their health, he said.

The minister, however, denied that depression and suicides are rising as the police staff is given holidays on time.

“Yoga sessions are also being organised to ensure better health of the police force,” he added.


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