CCTV Footage of ex-Hyderabad HC Judge Assault on Daughter-in-law Goes Viral


A CCTV footage of retired Justice Nooty Rama Mohan Rao along with his wife and son harassing and causing physical torture on his daughter-in-law M Sindhu Sharma has been viral on September 20.

The 2 minute and 20 second video footage of April 20, 2019 showed Rao and along with their son Vashistha causing physical and verbal abuse on Sindhu Sharma in their living room and Rao’s wife Durga Jayalakshmi trying to stop the fight. The video footage has been released by Sindhu Sharma.

Earlier on April 27, 30-year old M Sindhu Sharma had lodged a complaint against her husband and mother-in-law on dowry charges at Hyderabad Police Central Crime Station.

Rao’s son Vashishta married M Sindhu Sharma in 2012. Former Justice Rao has been judge of Andhra Pradesh HC and Madras HC and retired in 2017.


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