Communal Fight over Cricket in Gurugram; 11 Injured and 15 Detained


Around 11 members of a family sustained injuries over a petty cricket fight in Bhoop Nagar village under Bhondsi in Gurugram on the evening of March 21.

On the eve of Holi, an argument over cricket on the field escalated into an ugly fight when 15 youths forced into the Bhoop Nagar village family with sticks and rods because of one of their members had been belittled on the field.

The police on March 21 had detained all 15 youths (ages within 18 to 24) and have suspected some of them being drunk. But all of them were discharged the very next day due to the less serious injuries received by the family members of eleven.

Meanwhile a video of the incident has been doing rounds since March 22 on twitter, and people terming it as a communal fight. However, police have turned down such communal allegations in this matter and said it was “a minor argument.”




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