Director Uploads ‘The Argumentative Indian’ Trailer


Kolkata (PTI): Director Suman Ghosh has uploaded trailer of the documentary on Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen on Facebook, without the four words that the Central Board of Film Certification had wanted to be beeped out.

“The 14th of July we were supposed to release our film THE ARGUMENTATIVE INDIAN. Of course we were not allowed to. We had prepared a trailer for the release. Please share if you like it. The Tagore poem is recited by Victor Banerjee”, Ghosh posted it on his on Facebook page with this caption.

“And I am indebted to the countrywide support from the people and media”, the FB post said.

The clip does not contain the words “Gujarat”, “cow”, “Hindutva” and “Hindu India” – which the CBFC Kolkata office had recommended for beeping out in the documentary.

Ghosh posted another update today, sharing the report of the CBFC Chairman Pahlaj Nihalani opposing the posting of the trailer without certification of a film, as “illegal.

“So now curbs are being made about uploading a trailer on the Internet. Wonder where is all this going. Mr Nihalani’s attack,” Ghosh posted today.

When contacted, Ghosh said, “The CBFC cannot dictate if I post a trailer on the Internet. It is not against law.

Also the four words which the CBFC asked to beep out are not in the trailer.”


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