Intellectual Circus: Hanuman Was World’s First Tribal Leader, Discovers Rajasthan BJP MLA


Jeypore in Rajasthan: The BJP MLA from Ramgarh constituency in Rajasthan Gyan Dev Ahuja has emphatically claimed that the Hindu God Hanuman was the world’s first tribal leader.

The saffron MLA claimed that world’s first tribal leader was Hanuman Ji, the first saint among the tribals(adivasis) made his army of tribals and got training directly under the watchful eyes of Lord Ram. The BJP MLA said that Lord Hanuman met Lord Ram for the first time while the latter was on his journey in the Sothern direction of the Chitrakoot Ashram during his time of exile.

He also claimed that Hanuman has 40 lakh temples all over the world, which is the highest number of temples for any God.


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