No Kashmir for Pakistan, Shahid Afridi’s Words Spark Reactions


Shahid Afridi is never far away from making a headline ever. And this time, it is his comment on Kashmir that has sparked a reaction yet again across the border. Coming back to the Kashmir issues , which he has raised often at various levels, Afridi said that Kashmir is best served without the intervention from either India or Pakistan. 

“Don’t give Kashmir to either Pakistan or India. Let Kashmir be independent. At least ‘insaaniyat‘ will stay alive and the spate of deaths will stop. Pakistan is not being able to handle its four provinces, what will they handle Kashmir. People who are dying there, it is painful. Any death, be it from any community, is painful,” the flamboyant cricketer said to the students at the British Parliament in London. 

Earlier this year, Afridi made some similar statements on Kashmir issue. He tweeted, “Appalling & worrisome situation ongoing in the Indian occupied Kashmir. Innocents being shot down by oppressive regime to clamp voice of self determination & independence. Wonder where is the @UN & other int bodies & why aren’t they making efforts to stop this bloodshed?”



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