Private airlines to adhere ‘VIP protocol’


Aviation ministry has sent a notice to private airlines for a meeting to discuss the protocol to be extended to VIPs in private airlines.MPs and other VIPs have been long demanding that private airlines to extend the same protocol that the state-owned Air India follows.But with Air India headed for privatisation,aviation ministry seems to be working on a new protocol that’s applicable uniformly to private airlines. The aviation ministry has scheduled a meeting of the same under the chairpersonship of the joint Secretary Usha Padhee on 30 June inviting all private airlines and other stakeholders to discuss “amenities to be extended to VIPs”.

Days after MPs Ravindra Gaikwad and Diwakar Reddy made headlines for their alleged misbehaviour with airlines staff, the aviation ministry is under pressure from the political class for more protocols and privileges at airports and while flying. A recently meeting of parliamentary panel of MoCA had discussed the issue regarding protocols and privileges to be extended by the private airlines to VIPs.