Rahul Gandhi Alleges PM Modi of Promising Lies on Amethi Ordnance Factory


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday took potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi of guaranteeing false promises on the ordnance factory in Amethi.

Replying to PM Narendra Modi who targeted the Congress President on his visit to Amethi on March 3 said, “Some people roam around the world and talk about ‘Made in Ujjain’, ‘Made in Jaipur’, ‘Made in Jaisalmer’, but never make facts to their statements.

The Indian PM had said, the district will be mentioned for defence projects and “not for their political leaders”. The PM pointed to the fact, no rifles have been made in the ordnance factory since its inception in 2010. “Till 2013, the building was in limbo and no rifles were made.”

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted, “Dear Prime Minister, I, myself laid the foundation stone of the ordnance factory in 2010. In the last few years, the factory has been manufacturing small weaponry. You went to Amethi yesterday and by force of habit, you lied again. Do you have any shame at all?”

Rahul Gandhi has alleged many projects have not made any progress in his Amethi constituency owing to delay by the Modi government deliberately.

However, Union minister Smriti Irani said on Rahul Gandhi’s remarks, “You are so scared that there is development in Amethi that you didn’t take pains to check that JV was inaugurated yesterday in Korwa. An agreement has been made between India and Russia on AK 203 rifle.”

Irani even posted a picture and said, “Further adding, let’s share it with the country that you have launched an institute which had been launched by another minister of your party 20 years back.”



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