Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM Modi and Odisha CM in Tandem in Bhawanipatna


Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed a mass gathering at the Paribartan Sankalp Samabesh at Bhawanipatna in Kalahandi district on Wednesday.

Criticising the Modi government and Odisha government, Gandhi said, “Neither we want India ruled like this nor Odisha be like this.”

The Gandhi scion trained his guns on both the PM and Odisha CM referring to Rafale scam, chit fund scam and many others.

Rahul Gandhi also pointedly took on Modi and Naveen Patnaik having internal relations. Gandhi said, “The chowkidar (Modi) is a thief and Naveen Patnaik is a remote control. An order given by Modi will be switched ON by Naveen. Modi told farmer’s loan won’t be lifted and Naveen supported it pressing the remote. Throw away the remote control and vote for Congress.”

The Congress President at Bhawanipatna voiced, “Your region has been always looked upon by us distinctly. Every Congress PM has given you importance. The Congress party feels utmost importance to be given to your region. Narendra Modi and Naveen Patnaik have overlooked you. Narendra Modi has deducted the BRGF (Backward Regions Grant Fund) amount. Rs.17 per day for farmers has been announced by the ruling government but for their 15 friends, 3.5 lakh crore of loans have been exempted.”

Rahul Gandhi further added, “The Congress party had declared if voted to power we will waive farmer’s loan. Not in 10 days, we did it in 2 days. The MSP of paddy in Chhattisgarh is Rs. 2500. How much is the price here? If Congress comes to power in Odisha, the price of paddy will be Rs.2600 per quintal.”

Rahul targeted the Centre and the Odisha government of trying to take away the adivasi people land.He said, “Adivasi land, water and jungle are being trespassed by the government. This has forced you people to move out.”

Stepping on the attack further, Gandhi said all of UPA’s schemes have been taken away by the Modi government.

Gandhi attacked, “We gave you MNREGA but Modi deposited money for 10 MNREGA schemes in his friend’s pockets. We gave you RTI, he destroyed it… whatever we gave you he destroyed it.”

Making promises if Congress voted to power, Gandhi cited, “We have greater plans for you than the MNREGA scheme. We will give you minimum guarantee income. Every poor man’s account will be encashed. Time for lies has been stopped, now it’s time for action.”

This is Rahul Gandhi’s second visit to the Odisha state this year. Earlier, the Congress President had visited the state on January 25.




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