Rahul Gandhi Cites Media Reports To Nail PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ Project


New Delhi(PTI): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today cited a media report on a drop in the production of ‘Nano’ cars at a Gujarat plant and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet ‘Make in India’ project “just died” turning Gujarati tax payers’ Rs 33,000 crore into “ash”.

Gandhi also asked who should be held accountable for the money becoming “ash”.

The Congress vice president has reportedly been saying that the Gujarat government had proffered “benefits” worth Rs 33,000 crore to the car project in Sanand.

“PM’s pet ‘Make in India’ project just died. 33,000 crores of Gujarati taxpayer money turned to ash. Who is accountable?” Gandhi said on Twitter.

The Congress vice president is currently campaigning in the poll-bound western state, which has been under the BJP’s rule for 22 years.

The media report claimed that the average daily production of Nano cars at the Tata Motor’s Sanand plant was down to “just two”.



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