Tara Bahinipati Adopts Biju Patnaik’s ‘Assault Formula’ To Finish PC Culture


Bhubaneswar: The two opposition parties, the Congress and the BJP, today made a scathing attack on the Naveen Patnaik government in the assembly alleging rise in  collection of ‘PC’ and increase in corruption in government offices across the state.

Criticizing the BJD government, Congress Chief Whip  and legislator from Jeypore, Tara Prasad Bahinipati threatened to follow ‘assault formula’ to end the practice and he will begin it from the Third Floor meaning the office of the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

“Collection of ‘PC’ is rampant in the Third Floor. So, the officials there should be taken to task first. As a legislator, I will soon enter the floor and launch the anti-PC drive from there assaulting the corrupts,” Tara told the media outside the assembly.

“I dare the Chief Minister to arrest me if he has got the guts, he roared.

During zero hour, Leader of Opposition, Narasingha Mishra too criticised the government over growing collection of ‘PC’ in the entire state.

He also cited the example of an engineer in Bolangir who was allegedly transferred under the pressure of BJD’s Rajya Sabha MP AU Singh Deo as he opposed graft in his office.”However, the official who replaced the engineer has a number of vigilance cases pending against him,”Narasingha rued.

BJP legislature party chief KV Singh Deo supported the Leader of Opposition.

The opposition leader also criticised the controversial statement of Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout who had said complete removal of ‘PC’ culture is impossible.

The minister had earlier said that ending ‘PC’ completely is an extremely difficult task as the culture has been continuing since the British period.

Worth mentioning, former Chief Minister and father of Naveen Patanaik, late Biju Patnaik had once when he was CM of Odisha in the 1990s exhorted the people to resort to ‘assault formula’ to end corruption.



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