Kejriwal talks about the success of Odd-Even scheme in Delhi


The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief, Arvind Kejriwal in an article talks about the success of the Odd-Even scheme in Delhi, Delhiites’ awesome response to the Odd-Even formula and the AAP government’s ability to govern.

Arvind KejriwalThe huge success of the odd-even scheme has conclusively proved two things. Firstly the people of this country are great. Believe in them, and they will achieve wonders. And secondly the AAP government is capable of governing quite well.

It is very common in our country to sit over a cup of tea and curse ourselves. We talk about how people in other countries like Singapore, Britain, Japan, US etc. are so disciplined when it comes to following traffic rules or keeping roads clean. We then curse Indians saying that they lack civic sense and can never behave properly.

I have always had immense faith in the people of my country. I have pointed out that when the same Indians go to other countries, they do so well in almost all fields. I have always believed that Indians are first-class people with third-class governance. And with proper systems and a sincere leadership, Indians have the capacity to work wonders.