Author Aatish Taseer Certifies Himself as an Indian after OCI Status Cancellation


New York based journalist and author Aatish Taseer labelled himself as a true Indian on Friday after the Indian government removed his status as an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) on November 7.

In an article published in Time Magazine, author Aatish Taseer said, “India is my country. The relationship is so instinctive that, like an unwritten constitution, I had never before felt it necessary to articulate it.”

Aatish, being a British citizen by birth said, he is fluent in Indian languages and respects the festivals of India.

He added, the scrapping of OCI status has made him feel an “odd sense of pity.”

Earlier on November 7, the Home Ministry said, Taseer’s OCI application was cancelled because he didn’t reveal that his father was a Pakistani.

Author Aatish Taseer also mentioned, he had been “stripped of the Jammu and Kashmir statehood, autonomy and basic human freedoms.”



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