Break Jam Slows Vande Bharat Express, India’s Fastest Train


A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the India’s fastest train Vande Bharat Express (formerly known as Train 18) enroute to Varanasi from Delhi slowed down while on its return after jamming of the breaks on Saturday.

India’s first engine less train running an unscheduled commercial run on its return journey from Varanasi last night broke down near Tundla around 200 kilometres from Delhi.

A rattling sound was heard before the stoppage of the fastest train. The railway authorities suspected of cattle hitting which jammed the brakes. The cattle hit caused the last coach unable to proceed affecting the train’s control management system.

Smoke billowed out from the last four coaches of the train and there was power outage in the train. The stranded people travelling in the express were shifted to another train.

The returning train got stranded for 3 hours and resumed its journey at 8.15 AM today.

The jammed breaks were released and the onboard engineers paced the train at 10 kmph and not to go above 40 kmph before making it to Delhi for faulty repairs. The limping train though made some disturbing sound on its return with possible fault in air conditioner failure.

While, the 185 kmph Vande Bharat Express is expected of its first scheduled commercial run on February 17.




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