Doctors Resign amid Strike in West Bengal as Mamata Banerjee Cries Foul


Doctors and medical students strike in the West Bengal state for 4 days in succession has led to senior doctors offering their resignation on Friday.

Protests took place on June 11 after two junior doctors of the NRS Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata were beaten up badly by a patient’s relatives.

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee then declined to the request of doctors who asked to provide adequate security measures at the hospitals. This, then angered the colleagues of the beaten junior doctors and finally led to this massive strike.

The Principal, medical superintendent and vice principal of the NRS Medical College have too offered their resignation in support to this strike in the West Bengal state.

Many other medical colleges in the state along with the medical colleges in Mumbai and Delhi have also supported their West Bengal counterparts.

However, the West Bengal CM has lashed out at the protesters and said this is the work of the outsiders in the state.

Union Minister of Health Harsh Vardhan has appealed to the doctors to continue serving the patients in the hospital and has asked CM Mamata Banerjee to resolve the issue.

The Union Health Minister has also met with the protesting doctors and medical students and has given his nod to look into their issues.

Meanwhile, the Calcutta High Court (HC) has urged the resignation tendering doctors of their ‘Hippocratic Oath’ and to continue with their work.

Delhi Medical Association has called for a ‘total medical bandh’ supporting the assault on doctor of NRS Medical College in Kolkata.



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