Hyderabad Rape & Killing Case: All Four Culprits Shot Dead During Flee Attempt


All four accused responsible for gang rape and killing of the 26-year old Hyderabad vetenary doctor were killed in a police encounter near Chattanpalli village at Shadnagar in the early hours on Friday.

Earlier in the post midnight hours on Friday, the police had taken all the four accused to the crime spot under the Bengaluru-Hyderabad NH bridge to verify the details of the crime as per the statements of the accusers.

Around 3.30 AM, the police team opened fire on the perpetrators when they attacked and attempted to flee from the police custody.

All the four accused were killed on spot.

The horrific incident had happened on the night of November 27, when the lady vetenary doctor on her two-wheeler was approached by these four accused for help to lure her in their trap.


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