Indian Army Perishes Pakistan’s BAT Intentions near LoC


The Indian Army’s 15 corps thwarted the attacking plans of the Border Action Team (BAT) of Pakistan in North Kashmir’s Naugam sector on December 30. Two soldiers of their BAT team have been confirmed dead.

The statement by the Indian Army’s 15 corps on Monday elaborated, “The intruders attempted to move by exploiting the thick jungles close to LoC and were assisted by heavy covering fire of high caliber weapons such as mortars and rocket launchers from Pakistani posts. The movement was nonetheless detected by the vigilant Indian Army troops deployed along the LoC.”

The statement further adds, “Some intruders were also seen in BSF and old pattern AI dresses as part of deception. They had intruded well equipped with IEDs, incendiary materials, explosives, and a plethora of arms and ammunition.”

The Indian Army has also recovered massive pile of war equipments. The Army will contact Pakistan to take the bodies of those 2 dead soldiers.



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