Interpol Warrants Red Corner Notice against PNB Fraud Mehul Choksi


Caught in a series of bank fraud, including the Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud Mehul Choksi has been issued Red Corner Notice (RCN) by the Interpol today. Six months earlier, Crime Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had solicited details regarding PNB fraud case to Interpol. The Interpol has already issued RCN to Nirav Modi and his associates.

Earlier, Choksi had cited poor condition of the Indian jails against CBI’s Non Bailable Warrant (NBW) of his arrest. He had also pointed threat to his life if he comes to India.

Earlier this year, CBI has sought request to seize Choksi’s assets.

Mehul Choksi is a fugitive Indian businessman of the Gitanjali group. Nirav Modi and Neeshal Deepak Modi of Firestar Diamonds are nephews of Choksi. They are suspected of conniving with two PNB employees duping 13500 crores.

While Choksi is living in the Antigua and Barbuda country, Nirav is suspected being in London.



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