Kamal Nath Will be The New CM of Madhya Pradesh on December 17


Resting aside speculations, Congress President Rahul Gandhi after a series of meeting with Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and other leaders declared veteran leader Kamal Nath to be the next Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh on late night of December 13.

Congress-elect Chief Ministerial candidate Kamal Nath is due to meet Governor Anandiben Patel for the swearing in ceremony, and has affixed December 17 the likely date. The oath ceremony will take place in the Lal Parade Ground in Bhopal.

In Madhya Pradesh, Congress party took the lead with 114 seats missing the majority mark by 2 points on December 11. With the support from BSP’s 2 seats, SP’s 1 seat and four independent candidates, Congress crossed the majority line.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the earlier Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.



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