Malaysian PM Denies Extradition of Zakir Naik by India


After months of reluctance to the extradition of Zakir Naik, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad denied claims of extradition to India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.

The Malaysian PM said, he had met with his Indian counterpart but the Indian PM didn’t want his extradition. He said, Naik could be troublesome for India and many countries don’t want him.

PM Modi and the Malaysian PM Mohamad met during the fifth Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Russia’s far east earlier in the month of August.

PM Mahathir Mohamad said that the Malayasian government is making attempts to find a place for Naik but many countries are unwilling to accept him.

Zakir Naik has been under India’s surveillance after it was found he inspired the terrorists behind the 2016 terror attack in Dhaka.


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