Mehbooba Mufti’s Daughter Writes to Amit Shah on House Arrest


Sana Iltija Javed, daughter of former Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti wrote to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding reasons for she being captive in her own residence on August 15.

After former CM Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah were placed on house arrest on August 4, Sana Iltija’s statements to various media channels has led her to dire outcome if she ever opens her mouth in front of the media.

On behalf of the Kashmiris, Sana Iltija has written to Amit Shah on the people being detained and deprived of basic human rights in the region.

She also added her statements on media has confined her to her own house and is unable to step out.

Sana Iltija Javed has questioned on her rights being threatened and she may take any legal action on this issue.

Sana has also written, sighting the fear and despair faced by the Kashmiri people if they speak up on their issues after Article 370 got revoked by the Centre on August 5.

She spotlighted on Kashmir still in curfew and being locked down from basic communication facilities while the whole of India is celebrating Independence Day.


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