MP Rahul Gandhi Resounds for Betterment of People in Wayanad


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on his 3-day visit to his winning Wayanad constituency in Kerala addressed to a huge gathering of people at Kalpetta in Wayanad on Saturday.

Amid a huge road show, the Wayanad MP said, every citizen of Wayanad will get his rights and privileges irrespective of their age, background or ideology.

Gandhi voiced, his doors are always opened for every single person of Wayanad. He also said, he is fully responsible for the issues in his constituency and in time will help improve the situation of the public by understanding their plight.

On day 2 of his visit to the Kerala state, the Congress President slammed PM Modi. MP Rahul Gandhi said of the PM using “poison” of hatred and false promises to split the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also on his visit to the Kerela state in Thrissur on Saturday.

The Wayanad MP took stock of the situation in his constituency by meeting the locals, representatives and party leaders of the state.


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