Nirmala Sitharaman: Union Cabinet Passes Ordinance on Prohibition on e-cigarettes


Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the Union Cabinet has approved an ordinance on ban on production, sale and use of e-cigarettes on Wednesday.

The Union Finance Minister who headed a Group of Ministers (GoM) on the e-cigarette issue said, “The Union Cabinet has given the approval to ban e-cigarettes. It means the production, manufacturing, import/export, transport, sale, distribution, storage and advertising related to e-cigarettes are banned.”

The ordinance declared one year imprisonment and 1 lakh penalty for first time violators and for repeated offenders the punishment goes up to 3 years imprisonment and 5 lakhs penalty.

Following the Prime Minister Office’s (PMO) decision, the ordinance on ban of e-cigarettes was examined by the GoM.



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