Noida : Mystery Fever Kills 12

The district authority has ordered an investigation into the death of 12 villagers in the previous 15 days because of a mysterious fever in Sarfabad area near Sector 73 in Noida.

The health dept has set up a health camp for the villagers who accuse polluted water for the deaths.

“More than 100 individuals suffering from fever in the town. Twelve have passed in last 15 days,” said Sukhveer Pahlwan, a local social activist.

Chief medical officer (CMO), Vijay Deepak Verma, however, said that 15 people have died in last 2 months and they have yet to identify the cause of death of eight people.

“Many of the ailments were identified. Some of them died due to hepatitis, one had cancer while another had a cardiac arrest. However, there are unsually high numbers of patients with fever in the village and we are trying to identify the disease. We have set up a health camp,” said Dr Verma.