Odisha Fire Services aboard IAF to Rescue Miners Captive in Meghalaya


An Indian Air Force (IAF) plane is on pursue carrying a 21-member team of Odisha Fire Services personnel to Guwahati earlier on Friday. The rescue team will then have to travel 200 kilometers by road through the hilly terrain to reach the accident site.

The Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules plane will land at Shillong airport in Guwahati.

The plane also carries around 20 high powered water pumps and a NDRF team to assist the illegal rat hole miners trapped under water in the mining area in Ksan village of East Jaintia hills. The miners have been trapped since a fortnight on December 13. Water from Lytein river has inundated the place.

A foul smell has been reported near the mine indicating the death of the workers. The two 25 HP (Horse Power) pumps applied on December 24 to remove water from the mining area has proved ineffective.

Director General of fire service and commandant general, home guards and director civil defence B K Sharma said, “Each of the pumps can dewater 1600 litres of water a minute and we hope the miners can be rescued. We are one of the few states that is experienced in handling such calamities. We could have gone much earlier, but the request from MHA came yesterday”.




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