Opposition Parties Unite With Ruling Government against Pulwama Terror Attacks


The recent bloodied Pulwama attack has made all political parties unite burying their political differences.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi and former PM Manmohan Singh raised pitch to stand in unison at this tragic time of the nation.

Rahul Gandhi said, “The aim of terrorism is to divide this country. We won’t be divided even for a second. Opposition stands with our jawans and with our government. This is an attack on the soul of India. We support our government in whatever decision it’s taking.”

He added, “No force, no amount of hatred or anger can do anything to the love and affection that our country is built on.”

While, Manmohan Singh said, “Today is a day of mourning. Our country has lost close to 40 armed forces jawans. We will not compromise with terrorists and whatever the country requires we will act as one nation.”

Singh added, “Our role is to convey to soldiers and families our sympathies.”

Earlier in the day, the PM had urged all opposition parties to “speak all in one voice because this battle is for us to win.”



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