PM Modi Honoured with Seoul Peace


PM Modi was given a ceremonial welcome and was conferred with Seoul Peace Prize award at the 14th Seoul Peace Prize Award Ceremony which the South Korean country had announced last year in October by the Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation.

The Indian PM on receiving this honour said, “Namaskar, Honoured to be awarded and it belongs to the people of India. It is a recognition of philosophy that gave message of Vasudev Kutumbhkam, it gives message of peace on battle field.”

PM Modi added, “I am even more honoured that this award has been given to me on the 150th year of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. It makes it even more special.”

The South Korean 100 years of democratic rule also falls on this day, as raised by the Indian PM.

Raises Pitch against Terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 2-day visit to South Korea discussed issues arraying from trade relations to stand one against terrorism.

The Indian PM was received a warm welcome on February 21 in Seoul in South Korea by President Moon Jae-in. PM Modi addressed at the Korean Business Symposium in Seoul on Indian economy nearing to become a USD 5 trillion economy soon.

Earlier on Friday, PM Modi paid his respects to the valour and gallantry of the martyred soldiers who were part of the Korean War at the National Cemetery.

In a joint media debate with the two leaders on the dias, PM Modi was honoured on the July 2018 visit of President Moon in India. He also pointed on the East Asia Summit Meet and G-20 Summit where both world leaders had met.

The Indian PM said, “India’s ‘Act East Policy’ and Korea’s ‘New Sothern Policy’ will provide a platform for special strategic partnership between the two nations.”

The Prime Minister of India raised the Pulwama attacks issue and said, “The time has come for the global community to act beyond talks at this moment and to unite and fight against terrorism.”

PM Modi on Friday signed 7 documents with President Moon Jae-in at the bilateral meeting on issues relating cooperation in media, infrastructure, port development, marine and food processing start-ups, a joint stamp commemorating Queen Hur Hwang-ok and police among others in Seoul strengthening the strategic partnership between the two nations.

The Indian PM said, “Today President Moon and I have agreed on emancipating our business ties of investment around 50 billion dollars till 2030.”

PM Modi on strengthening the India’s defence line said, “This India-South Korea ties will improve our defence line. An example of this is introduction of K9 Vajra (also known as K9 Thunder artillery) in the Indian army.”

The PM stressed, “To strengthen our defence, we have agreed to a road map by binding ties with South Korea in defence technology and co-production. In the middle of this, India has welcomed Korean companies to invest in defence industrial corridors of our country.”

The Prime Minister raised the First Lady Kim’s visit to India as the chief guest last year at the ‘Dipofestival’ at Ayodhya which was a great honour to our nation.

PM Modi voiced on the ‘Visa on Arrival’ scheme which had been initiated last year in October for the South Korean citizens.

PM Narendra also thanked South Korea for coming up with ‘Group Visa’ scheme for the Indians.

PM Modi pitched on bolstering ties with the Korean island on bilateral trade, science and technology, investment, defence and security among many issues.




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