PM Modi Slams Congress Culture on Dandi March Anniversary


In a scathing criticism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday lashed out at the Congress ethics on the 89th anniversary of the Dandi March.

PM Modi said, “The anti-thesis of the Gandhian thought is the Congress culture.” As the Congress party is gearing up for the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting in the PM’s birthplace of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the Prime Minister in a blog titled ‘When a handful of salt shook an empire’undermined the Congress principles which never followed the Gandhian principles of detachment, democracy and equality.

The Indian PM said, “Gandhiji taught us to think of the plight of the poorest person we have seen and think about how our work impacts that person. I am proud to say that in all aspects of our Government’s work, the guiding consideration is to see how it will alleviate poverty and bring prosperity.”

PM Modi added, “Gandhiji had understood the Congress culture very well, which is why he wanted the Congress disbanded, especially after 1947.”

Remembering ‘Iron Man’ Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s “key role” in the 1930 Dandi March, the Prime Minister said, “The organisational man that he was, Sardar Patel planned every aspect of the Dandi March, down to the last detail. And, the British were so scared of Sardar Sahib that they arrested him in a few days before the launch of Dandi March hoping it would scare Gandhiji. However, none of that happened. The larger cause of fighting colonialism prevailed over everything else.”

Speaking on the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi, PM Modi cited, “In many of his works, Gandhiji said that he doesn’t believe in inequality and caste divisions. Sadly, the Congress has never hesitated from dividing society. The worst caste riots and anti-Dalit massacres happened under Congress rule.”

PM Narendra Modi voiced, “It is the duty of all leading men, whatever their persuasion or party, to safeguard the dignity of India. That dignity can’t be saved if misgovernment and corruption flourish. Misgovernment and corruption always go together.”

PM Modi delivered a sharp rebuke when he said, “Bapu spoke about detachment and staying away from excess wealth. However, all that Congress has done is to fill their own bank accounts and lead luxurious lifestyles at the cost of providing basic necessities to the poor.”

PM Modi concluded, “Thankfully, today we have a government at the Centre that is working on Bapu’s path and a Jan Shakti that is fulfilling his dream of freeing India from the Congress culture!”




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