Poll Pitch Heats Up: PM Modi, Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi on Attacking Spree


Prime Minister Narendra Modi again lashed out at the Congress party ahead of the upcoming 2019 polls in his blog on Wednesday citing India has suffered because of the dynasty politics.

Keeping in mind the upcoming General elections and assembly elections 2019, the Prime Minister took a leaf from the 2014 elections where people voted “honesty over dynasty” and “development over decay.”

In a sharp criticism, the PM said, “As you go to vote- remember the past and how one family’s desire for power cost the nation so greatly. If they could do it then, they can surely do it now. Eternal vigilance remains the price of liberty.”

He further added, “The sense of entitlement can be seen in their conduct towards routine legal processes. At present, their top leadership is on bail vis-a-vis a major scam. When the authorities seek to question them on their dealings, they do not even bother to reply. Are they scared of accountability or do they not believe in it?”

In his blog, the Prime Minister further escalated on the Congress party disregard towards the court decisions.

PM Modi wrote, “Congress modus operandi is simple- reject, discredit and threaten. If a judicial verdict goes against them, they reject it, then they discredit the judge and thereafter, talk about bringing impeachment motions against the judge.”

Replying to Congress party’s criticism of the PM devaluing the government institutions, Modi said, “Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi called the Planning Commission led by Dr.Manmohan Singh, ‘A bunch of jokers’. This comment gives you a glimpse of how Congress treats government institutions.”

The infamous ordinance tearing incident in 2013 by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi, also got a mention in the PM’s blog along with the creation of National Advisory Council (NAC) by UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi working in the way of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Labelling corruption, nepotism, cronyism, PM Modi termed “Fragile Five” when India was under Congress’s rule.

Highlighting the BJP’s achievements, PM Modi wrote in his blog, “Over the last five years, India economy has become the cynosure of world’s eyes. India has made remarkable achievements in sanitation coverage, banking, finance, infrastructure, homes, health and education.”

Priyanka Gandhi Retorts against PM Modi’s Blog

The Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday, too upped the ante and voiced against Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying “People are not fools” to buy such things said by the PM.

On the concluding day of her Ganga Yatra in UP, Priyanka Gandhi replied, “The BJP has systematically attacked every institution in last five years including the media. The Prime Minister should stop thinking that people are fools and understand that they can see through this.”

On PM Modi’s allegations against Congress, the Gandhi heir counter attacked, “They think that those who speak against them are scared of them. This is not true. We are not scared of them.”

PM Modi’s blog attack comes a day after Priyanka Gandhi argued, “what did they do in 70 years is an expiry date. She said, the BJP should talk about what the Modi government has done in the last five years.”

Rahul Gandhi Calls PMO as Publicity Minister’s Office

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, too, came hard on PM Modi by terming the PMO as “Publicity Minister’s Office” by indulging in ‘mediocrity’ in a highly sophisticated country. Speaking to students in the North-East, Gandhi reiterated the Congress’ stand on the NRC issue and job creation promises.

While addressing an election rally at Hepta Kangjeibung in Imphal, Gandhi said, under the Look east policy, Manipur and its neighbouring states can be turned into a potential manufacturing hub if Congress gets voted to power.

The North-East of India can help in building a link between India and South-East Asian nations which will result in North-East Industrial policy, as voiced by the Congress leader.

He said, the Congress party is inclined to protecting people’s interests of the North-East and will not let pass the reformed Citizenship Amendment Bill, if it regains power.



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