Rafale Deal: SC Differs on Inconclusive Report by CAG against Experts


The Supreme Court pointed out that the audit body of the government, Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has submitted an inconclusive (edited) report to the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) for examination of the Rafale deal case.

The apex court has considered the report as bogus and no report has been considered sent to the PAC. But the Government has supported the CAG report and has asked the court to verify the credentials. The government quoted the exclusive findings in the case was put in a sealed envelope and forwarded to the PAC. The government has targeted the PAC for the “redacted version of the report placed before the Parliament and in public domain”.

Whereas the retired officials and other experts have voiced about only one CAG report disagreeing with the Supreme Court’s judgment.

Former Deputy CAG, Dr. B P Mathur said, “I have never heard the term (redaction) before. There is only one CAG report which is prepared after due intelligence by the auditors, vetted by Deputy CAG and approved personally by the CAG. Once it is presented to the Parliament, it is a public document”.

Many other dignitaries and experts have made similar opinions supporting the CAG report.



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