Rahul Gandhi Appoints Ashok Gehlot as CM and Sachin Pilot as Deputy CM of Rajasthan


The deadlock emerging out of the choices to pick the Chief Ministerial candidate in Rajasthan finally ended with two-time Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot appointed to the coveted CM post once again. Sachin Pilot has agreed to be the Deputy CM after the Congress party announcement.

In a photo revealed earlier, Rahul Gandhi beaming at the Centre tweeted, “United Colours of Rajasthan” with Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot after the departure of the meeting.

Yesterday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had series of discussions with Gehlot and Pilot separately. While, Gehlot was the obvious choice and denying him was a big risk, Sachin Pilot argued otherwise. He complained he took the state’s Congress mantle when it was reduced to only 20 lawmakers in 2013.

Earlier in the morning, the Gujjar community blocked the highway at Alwar canvassing for Sachin to be the CM. After a highway blockade in Karauli, Pilot tweeted, “I have full faith in the leadership, we will welcome whatever Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi decide”.

The Congress President also held discussions with Sister Priyanka Gandhi and Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi before the Rajasthan CM selection.



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