Rahul Gandhi Points Straight Towards PM Narendra Modi over Rafale Deal Negotiation


Taking the Rafale deal fight to the Centre, Congress President Rahul Gandhi levelled allegations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi at AICC headquarters in New Delhi on Friday.

Gandhi has accused the (Prime Minister’s Office) PMO of conducting “parallel negotiations” with their French counterparts.

As per a media report, Gandhi pointed, “Today it is black and white that the PM himself was carrying out parallel negotiations with the French. We have been saying that there should be a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee), an inquiry. Now the minister himself has said it.”

A report by The Hindu depicted, “The French side took advantage of parallel parleys by the PMO that weakened Indian team’s position.”

Rahul Gandhi added, “It is clear that the PM has bypassed the process and stolen over Rs 30,000 crore and given it to his friend Anil Ambani.”

The Gandhi scion stressed on the JPC probe saying, “You can investigate any of our members. Launch a probe against Robert Vadra, P Chidambaram or anyone in the party. But investigate the Rafale deal.”





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