Raj Babbar Mocks Mamata Banerjee: Queries “How she knows PM Modi’s Kurta Size”


Congress leader Raj Babbar stoked up scathing remarks on Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief Mamata Banerjee on her cognisance on Modi’s kurta size that she gifts every year which came apparent after PM Narendra Modi in a non-political friendly interview with B-town actor Akshay Kumar on April 24 shared this fact on Saturday.

Raj Babbar said, “Two products from West Bengal are famous across the world. One is sweets made of cottage cheese and another is the kurta. But till date, Mamata ji has not sent these two to us or anyone else. If she wants to gift them, she sends it to only one person. So you can understand that she knows the size of a kurta. Earlier, we used to raise questions if the size of his chest is 56 inches or not.”

However, the TMC chief has always been a fierce critic of PM Modi trashing all his policies and schemes.



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