S Jaishankar in Beijing to Strengthen Indo-Chinese Relations


India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM) Subramaniam Jaishankar met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing and highlighted on India-China special place in global politics on Monday.

India’s EAM S Jaishankar who is on a 3-day visit to the Chinese capital said ahead of his meeting with Wang Yi that our two leaders (PM Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping) have reached a consensus at Astana (capital of Kazakhstan) two years before at the Shanghai Cooperation Summit and stated that at times of uncertainity, India-China relations will hold stability.

He further added he was pleased on the Wuhan summit in 2018, where the two world leaders took insight of the global and regional issues.

S Jaishankar threw light on the improving Indo-Chinese relations and stressed on building public support for the relationship and asiding differences among us.

This is first such visit by an Indian minister to China after the neighbouring country has raised objections to the Jammu and Kashmir’s historic Union Territory decision.


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