Sabarimala Temple Opens Gates after Purification Process


Two women in their forties entered the Sabarimala temple for the first time on Wednesday in the wee hours around 4 AM. This much-awaited breakthrough comes after the verdict of Supreme Court on September 28 quashing the decade old tradition of not allowing women in their menstruation age (10 to 50 years).

The incident didn’t go well with the temple priests and the gates were closed which got reopened around noon after purification. A video footage of the women on entering the Lord Ayyappa temple has been released. The video shows women taking the side entrance of the temple rather than ascending the 18 sacred steps. The side entrance is mainly used by VIPs and media.

Kerela Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan verified the incident and said, “There were hurdles for women to climb and enter Sabarimala temple. If they have entered the temple today, there must not have been any hurdles. It is true that they have entered. Police had been given instructions to provide protection to any woman who wants to climb.”

Earlier in the last week of December 2018, these two women hailing from north Kerela failed to get entrance into the temple amid protests. Kanakdurga’s family members have been shifted and extended police protection.

After offering prayers at the temple, the women returned to base camp of police in Pamba.



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